By clicking on the "APPLY NOW" link below you will be directed to our rental application.


Please print it off and drop it off at our office (502 W. Riverside) along with the application fee of $35 per person or couple. Application fees are non refundable.


If you would like to take the unit off the market please include the deposit which in most cases is equal to one months rent. If we accept you for tenancy the deposit will be applied to your lease. If we are unable to approve your application we will refund your deposit. If we approve you and you do not take the unit your deposit will be forfeited.


We look forward to having you as a tenant.


Thank you!

Featured Property

Cutter Tower

With sixty thousand square feet of newly renovated space, The Cutter Tower is located at 510 West Riverside, Spokane, Washington, in the heart of the downtown business district.


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502 W. Riverside Suite 103

Spokane Wash. 99201


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